How to confirm WiFi calling is working under new Boost account

I just activated Boost’s SIM card and everything appears to be okay. We have sent a MMS text, made a phone call, and got online. But how do we confirm that we’re using WiFi? Wifi is turned on, but it’s was turned on with Republic too (and didn’t use WiFi since technology was removed).

Hi @AuntTC,

The definitive way to test WiFi calling and text messaging is to place the phone in Airplane mode (which turns off both WiFi and cellular radios) then reenable WiFi. The cell radio remains off as long as the phone is in Airplane mode.

Please consider sharing your results and tell us which phone you’re using when doing so.

Cannot make call or text in airplane mode with WiFi turned on. Text says “waiting for connection” and Calls say “Turn off airplane mode or connect to a wireless network to make a call”. I am using a Motorola G6.

However, be aware that the usual WiFi indicator (fan) will not show, but WiFi will be enabled when using the Airplane method

I can’t say your experience shocks me. There isn’t a particular reason to believe Boost Infinite’s support of WiFi calling and text messaging would be better than Republic Wireless by DISH.

Generally, APNs don’t impact WiFi calling and/or text messaging. APNs are a cellular network thing. That said, did you follow the instructions to install CarrierApp?

If you’re game to ask them, it would be fascinating what Boost Infinite Care has to say about whether WiFi calling and text messaging is supposed to work or not? I would understand if you’d rather not go to the trouble.


I did install the Carrier app. I will be glad to call Boost to see what they say!


LOL - a total waste of a phone call. Boost wants our WiFi name. I refused, because I’ve always been told not to share that info. He says something is wrong with my WiFi, even though I’m using WiFi to send you this message on my iPad that only uses WiFi.

And I’m not sure I was speaking to Boost. Boost Care transferred me to Mexico and it sounded like the same guy that tried to activate our account.

Well, that’s disappointing! Thank you for being willing to try!

DISH uses the same call centers for multiple brands. Did you call 833_212_6678?

I’m not optimistic but you could try the following:

  1. Open Settings
  2. In the search box, type Wi-Fi calling
  3. Any hits?

I remember reading that carrier WiFi may not work without a cell signal present, or at least recently seen.

My phone uses the WiFi crescent symbol to let me know a call is on WiFi rather than cellular when on the main call screen. Elsewhere the ongoing call indicator says WiFi call if it is in a mode to show text. I don’t know if this is specific to LineageOS or a general Android thing, I have no idea if there is an indicator for iPhones.

You might want to check your call display during a call and look for indicators.

That wasn’t the phone number I called - I may just try again for fun. I searched Wi-Fi calling and it sent me to Mobile Network with Mobile Network connected and Roaming is Connected, too. Under “Advanced”, I see Preferred Network Type is LTE. Calling has Wi-Fi Calling with Mobile preferred. Does this tell us anything?

Let’s try another way:

Open the Phone app
Tap :dots: to the upper right
Tap Settings
Tap Calls
Do you see options for Wi-Fi calling?

Yes - it says “Wi-Fi Calling”, then underneath that it says Mobile Preferred

That will do it, you want to change the setting to “WiFi preferred” or “Call over WiFi” or whatever terminology your phone manufacturer uses.

I got that same error AuntTC got when I put my phone into Airplane mode (made sure WIFI was enabled too). It would not send a text (SMS or MMS). I had to take it out of airplane mode. I guess I could monitor the amount of data that is consumed when attempting an MMS over Wifi?
I used to be able to send SMS, MMS and make WIFI calls over R.W. 4.0 My Choice (Even after they made it NON-Wifi First) on my Pixel 6a.

@muerte33, I was hoping you’d join the conversation started by @AuntTC.

@mwgardiner raises a valid point in that carrier WiFi calling does like to sniff cell signal from time to time. It’s not been my experience, however, that carrier WiFi calling requires a constant cell signal. Were that the case carrier WiFi calling would be of dubious value since if cell signal is present, the call could be sent over cell rather than WiFi.

I’m beginning to wonder if WiFi calling is turned on for your lines in Boost Infinite’s back end. Infinite’s prepaid sister service Boost Mobile historically didn’t offer WiFi calling even if the upstream network partner supported the phone for WiFi calling on its network. One wouldn’t think the same would apply to DISH’s “premium” postpaid service Boost Infinite but with DISH who knows?

Alas, ascertaining whether WiFi calling is enabled for your lines or not is a job for Boost Infinite Care.

I can report that WiFi calling (and text messaging) works (tested in Airplane mode with WiFi enabled) on my Pixel 6a with both a Mobi (Verizon network) and Tello (T-Mobile network) SIM.

One other thought, if you haven’t already tried doing so would be to update your 911 address. If possible, I suggest doing so in both the Boost Infinite app and WiFi calling settings for the Phone app.


Thanks for jumping in with us - I need all the help I can get! As you suggested, I changed the setting to “WiFi preferred”. I tested again by turning Airplane mode on and confirming Wifi was back on. I still can’t make a call. Didn’t even bother trying a text.

Well I installed the Boost Infinite Android App, and I cannot find where to put in an emergency 911 address.
I don’t know how to do it on the Android 13 side either on my Pixel 6a.
I did see that my billing date will be near the end of the month, and was pleasantly surprised that the taxes/fees seemed to be much less than R.W. per line?

Thanks for confirming that you had the same experience. After RW removed their wifi technology, we have had to use LTE only. It varies, but this morning I only have one tiny T-Mobile cell tower bar. Since we are home 95% of the time, we really need Wi-Fi.

Sigh … sounds like another call to Mexico is in order. Yesterday, they INSISTED that I had to provide my WiFi name. Is that safe? Do I really have to provide that?

Also, thanks for the Emergency Info section. How had I missed that in the past? I don’t see a place to put my address, but I did add emergency contacts and limited medical info.