I need help with another migration issue

I really appreciate all the helpful info I’ve received on this forum. It’s really helped me move forward with the RW/BI migration. All my questions so far have been regarding my phone. But my wife has a RW phone that I need help with as well. She has My Choice (Just as mine was). Her phone is a Moto G Power (2021). And the big difference is that she doesn’t want to have to log into her Google acct if she doesn’t have to. I know that we need the BI app on our phones in order to log into each of our accounts. But I am the one who logs into each of our phones’ accounts to deal with stuff – so could I use the app on my phone to log into each of our accounts? (Does the app need to be on her phone?)

I also read somewhere that there is a way to set up an APN number without the CarrierApp. Is that true? If so, then my wife’s phone wouldn’t have to log into Google Play.

Is there anything else I haven’t thought of regarding needing to log into my wife’s phone’s Google acct in order for the migration to work well? Thanks.

HI @phonedude .

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I migrated to Boost Infinite back in December. and then helped a friend move over in January-April. Yes. it took a while with his account. I log into his BI account at least once a month to make sure the payment is going through. So, yes you can use your app to log into her account.

I did not use the carrier app. I found the APN settings for AT&T on the BI website and entered them in manually.


Hey @a_j , that’s great! Thanks for letting me know!

Boost Infinite’s app is not needed to use the service. If you wish to do the account management for both phones from your phone, that’s fine.

In some cases, the phone will set up the proper APNs once it sees the Boost Infinite SIMs without assistance from CarrierApp. You could simply test after activation and see if anything isn’t working.

Otherwise, APNs may be entered manually.

The dilemma here is members with My Choice plans are not receiving AT&T network SIMs, they are receiving T-Mobile network SIMs. APNs for AT&T’s network won’t work with a T- Mobile network SIM.

As far as I know, Boost Infinite doesn’t document the APNs for use with T-Mobile network SIMs on its website. @phonedude, the T-Mobile APNs documented on Boost Mobile’s (Boost Infinite’s sister prepaid brand) would probably work:


Follow the directions under the heading “I purchased my Boost Mobile SIM kit from Best Buy or Target”.

Alternatively, you could manually copy the APNs on your phone to your wife’s phone.

That I did not know. I hope @phonedude gets decent coverage with a T-Mobile SIM.

They’ll get the same coverage they have now. Members with My Choice plans already use T-Mobile’s network.

There’s no guarantee AT&T has better coverage in a particular area than T-Mobile. I appreciate, for some, AT&T offers better coverage. For others, T-Mobile’s coverage is better. It depends entirely upon location.

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I learned something new. I did not know My Choice plans were exclusively T-Mobile. Thank you for the information.

I ran the Carrier App on both of our “My Choice” phones. The Carrier App creates two APNs.
One is named “internet” against wireless.dish.com (which is selected by default).
The other is named “hotspot” against tethering.dish.com (which is NOT selected).
Like RolandH, I would be interested if it would work without using the Carrier App, and what the APN looks like that gets auto-created.
If you don’t want to install the Carrier App, I can post the contents of the two APNs it installed on my Pixel 6a.
I assume it would be OK to post those details RolandH? They are definitely T-Mobile.

Hi @muerte33,

Yes, it’s safe to post screenshots of your phones’ APNs. There’s no personally identifiable information involved.

Hey @rolandh - Thanks again for all the helpful info!

Here’s a screenshot of what I found on the BI site re: manually installing an APN number. Is this info only for AT&T?

And where can I find my APN info on my phone if I want to put it on my wife’s phone? Thanks.

The information posted on Boost Infinite’s website is strictly for AT&T network SIMs. I could go into the history but do not wish to derail the topic.

It depends upon the phone in question. What is the brand, model and (if applicable) generation of your phone?

I just found it. What is the process of setting up a new APN in my wife’s phone? I see a “+” sign at the top of the APN names page. Is that how it happens?

And I’m guessing that as long as both my wife’s phone and mine are T-Mobile, that the APN info will be the same, regardless of other differences in the phones.

Yes, tapping the + is how one begins the process of adding new APNs. I suggest, again, first activating the new SIM, then restarting the phone and testing. You may find the phone does the work of APN setup for you (no CarrierApp and no manual entry). If you do end up resorting to manual entry, I suggest resetting APNs to defaults before setting up new APNs.

Yes, APNs are network specific not phone specific.

Great! Thanks for all your help!

I have another question regarding migrating my wife’s phone, which I plan to do today (I probably should have asked this before I migrated my phone): Is there any data stored on the Republic Wireless SIM card? By that, I mean any data other than network connection data? It doesn’t have any contacts or other data that I somehow need to transfer to an SD card or to the internal storage drive before I remove it, does it?

Also, I noticed that after inserting the new BI SIM card into my own phone, that when I insert my headphones into the headphone jack, it doesn’t fit well anymore. It is somewhat loose and the sound in the headphones comes and goes. Not sure what happened. Perhaps I applied too much pressure on the phone when I removed/replaced the phone casing. I’ll need to be more careful with my wife’s phone, I guess. :frowning_face:

Most modern smartphones do not require removal of the phone casing to access the SIM tray. Out of curiosity, which phones do you and your wife own?

No user data is stored on the SIM.

Thanks for the info, @rolandh . mine is moto e6, which has a removable case and replaceable battery, which I replaced a while ago. Hers is a Moto G Power (2021), which i just discovered does not have a removable case. and i removed the SIM card successfully and am in the process of doing the online migration thing

While SIMs can store some user data, you have to explicitly make the phone do that. If you haven’t done that, no user data will be present. This sort of thing is extremely difficult to do by accident.