Kroger Has a Plan to Stop Theft (Walmart and Target Might Follow)

Artificial intelligence supervising shoppers as they use self-checkout:

What could possibly go wrong?

I know AI is all the rage right now and it can be fun to play with but it’s just not yet ready for prime time.


I shop at Kroger’s Pick n’ Save, and I refuse to use the self-checkout. For one thing, there is no place to put your bagged groceries after you have scanned them. The traditional check-out aisle is much more efficient.

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I’m going to take a wait and see attitude before making up my mind. If it works to stop theft without a lot of false indicators, I’m okay with it. I don’t do a lot of shopping at Kroger. The Kroger store near me is too busy, and I have three other grocery stores within a mile radius.

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We don’t have Kroger arround here, but not really a big deal to me. I love self checkout because I don’t like interacting with people.

I don’t consider myself to be the most outgoing individual nor do I expect deep meaningful interactions when checking out at the grocery store but I find this sad.

Anyway, I shared the article more as commentary on the idea of AI policing whether I perform self-checkout “correctly” or not. My position on that is if you don’t like the way I check myself out, have an associate do it for me.

As for self-checkout itself, I’m take it or leave it. If self-checkout is all that is offered, I’ll use it. If both self-checkout and associate checkout are available, I’ll use whichever has the shorter line.

I shop for groceries at both Walmart and Publix. Kroger has no brick and mortar presence in South Florida though they do have warehouses supporting home delivery. Most Publix stores here do not yet offer self-checkout and I have no objections to interacting with fellow humans while being checked out.In fact, I see many of the same cashiers week after week going on years now.

Sam’s? That’s the club I use and checking out via their app is indeed convenient. I do not, however, appreciate the $4 charge recently added for curbside pickup.

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No BJ’s. Please don’t tell them about the curbside fee!

Is amazon go-esque shopping a viable idea if other stores were to follow it? No cashier or self checkout…