New phone on Boost Infinite? Billing Credits?

I’m wondering if anyone has upgraded their phone (bought a new unlocked phone) to replace one they have on BI. I would hope the credits would continue? Or does that count as a “change”?

Hi @dimeRepublic,

I cannot answer your question based on experience. Hopefully, someone else will be able to do so. Ordinarily, I’d suggest asking Boost Infinite Care for a definitive answer but, well, you know. The following is pure speculation on my part.

I would think if it’s merely a matter of moving an active SIM from current to new phone that wouldn’t constitute a “change”. If, however, one must work with Boost Infinite to move service from current to new phone :man_shrugging:.

It sounds like you understand this but, just in case, phones purchased from Boost Infinite directly, generally, would be locked for one year. So, one would want to purchase the new phone factory unlocked from a third party retailer (which if purchasing an Android involves some risk regarding compatibility).

Not sure if this helps, but I upgraded my phone about 3 weeks ago to a Samsung Galaxy A15 5G from a Moto G5+ 4G. I bought the new phone through Boost Infinite. Credits continued and nothing changed. All I had to do was transfer the SIM card and I followed the instructions here:

I haven’t had any problems and have received a credit since the switch to the new phone.

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