No recent goodwill credit; new phone

In March, I received two “goodwill credits” on my Boost Infinite account. I did not receive any such credits in April. Hence, my current BI bill is higher than it’s been.

As I recall, BI said that old Republic Wireless subscribers would continue to receive the discounts they’d had on their RW accounts.

Has everyone else been receiving their credits recently?

On a related topic: I just bought a new phone (Pixel 8a, very pleased with it so far). I moved the SIM from my old Moto G Stylus, calls and data work on the new phone. The BI app still shows the details of my old phone for that line. Any reason to edit those details to use the IMEI of the new phone? Would making such a change endanger my “goodwill credits”?

There was a similar query about new phones and credits:

A response there indicates credits continued after changing to a new phone, but that was purchased from BI, while I purchased my new phone from Google. I’d suppose that doesn’t make a difference. It would be nice to have that confirmed.

Hello. Last month a “handful” of Republic Users including myself, saw them attach the next month’s credit by mistake. So for this next bill, they didn’t apply a credit since it was double the previous month. You may want to look and see if you had the double credits applied on a bill. But yes, we have credits in perpetuity.

I wonder if this was the case for you? I asked them and they said it will be correct on the next bill so it was a system mess up.