New SIM card from DISH

So my father recieved a new sim card from DISH. It says it must be installed by Aug. 31 to retain his service/number/pricing as they transition away from Republic Wireless.
Is this basically moving him to Boost Infinite? …(I have received no such communication from them).

Yes, the SIM card would be for Boost Infinite. Republic Wireless is shutting down. Now would be a good time to compare plans from other providers to see which would be the best fit for your father’s needs and your needs. There are a number of reviews on the Real World Users site.

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Thanks a_j!.

I have two lines on RW, but I have received no such notice… has me worried.

If you decide to change providers (away from Dish), you will want to make sure that your phones are unlocked, and if you do want to migrate to Boost Infinite, you will want to get an email with instructions. Either way, you may want to contact customer service. I believe that Republic 5.0 users don’t need a new sim card if migrating to Boost Infinite.

Good Morning @c1tobor,

Are you using RW 5.0 or My Choice? Are your phone(s) housed in a separate account from your father’s?

All Republic members are being migrated to Boost Infinite. Those using 5.0 plans do not need a new SIM. Those using My Choice plans must activate a new Boost Infinite SIM mailed to them by Republic prior to August 31, 2023 or they risk losing service and possibly their phone number. Please note that your father’s pricing (depending upon what he’s currently paying) may only last six months. After six months everyone pays Boost Infinite’s standard $25 for unlimited talk & text with “unlimited” data. “Unlimited” data is really 30 GB of de-prioritized data. After 30 GB, data is hard throttled to 512 Kbps.

You may see he text of the email sent to members with 5.0 plans here:

Screenshots of the email sent to members with My Choice plans courtesy of @joannamv here:

For complete context, please see this post and the earlier post referenced:

@a_j makes a great point. Though we are able to provide the content of Republic’s emails regarding the transition to Boost Infinite, those emails contain an account specific code. If both yours and your dad’s phone(s) are housed in a single account, you may use the code in the email he received. If your phone(s) are housed in a separate account and you choose to migrate to Boost Infinite, you would want to reach out to support.


“Are you using RW 5.0 or My Choice? Are your phone(s) housed in a separate account from your father’s?”

All three phones are on the My Choice plans. I have two on my account (my Father’s is on a different account).

I have not received any correspondence from RW.

It sounds like you need to get in touch with support sooner rather than later because you would need new SIMs to migrate from My Choice to Boost Infinite.

Or; you might consider alternative service providers.

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Thanks…but ‘who’s’ support? Dish by RW, Boost Infinite…are they the same?.

Republic support. You remain a Republic subscriber until migrated. After migration, if there’s a need, you would contact Boost Infinite.

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Thank’s Roland… (I guess I know what I’m doing this weekend). :slightly_frowning_face:

Here’s a thought. Since you have the information needed to do so; why not start with migrating your father’s service? Depending upon how that goes, maybe you’d just as soon find another provider rather than stick with Boost Infinite?

Actually, just talked with him. He has Spectrum for cable/internet, and made some sort of deal with them (not sure about the details) so that issue (phone) is moot.

I moved our house phone from Ooma to Spectrum Mobile. I will say it wasn’t the smoothest transition. While it should be less troublesome to move a cell number than my old VoIP line I found their process was not very robust in handling errors. I also had billing problems that kept getting thrown to the fraud department even though Spectrum never ran my credit card by my credit union. Their support is not very easy to deal with and I swear is designed to get customers to stop calling. Once all of the problems were resolved I have not had any issues with cell service.

I am however thinking about moving my “home” phone to US Mobile. I can get a similar plan there for a better price and much better customer support. I also know my phone will port since Spectrum uses Verizon as does US Mobile as one of its options.

I am a Spectrum internet customer, so I get deluged with emails from Spectrum trying to get me to sign up for their mobile phone service. Sorry to hear that their support is not so good. I did not find their pricing to be very compelling. They charge $29.99, tax and fees included, for 20 GB of high-speed data, and then throttle you to 256 kbps, according to what I found on the internet. They want $10 more per month if you want 30 GB.

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Don’t wait until near the end of the month to act. If you are planning to go to a different carrier, do it now. If you are planning to migrate to Boost Infinite, do it now. If you are uncertain, migrate to Boost Infinite now and change carriers later if you decide on that.

I know that this will make some people flinch, but when you go to change carriers, the best time to do it is just after the change to your current service month. Yes, if the change goes smoothly, you have wasted nearly a months worth of money. If things go badly, you have time to get it sorted out if transfer or billing problems create a tangle.

Unless you aren’t bothered by the risk of losing your number, the “wasted” money is well spent.


Thanks for the feedback. JFYI, my ‘brother’ runs an ‘online’ business on my Dad’s account…and ‘he’ negotiates with Spectrum…(oh lord, will my Brother negotiate, :no_mouth:).

Certain email providers are notorious for failing to deliver bulk emails.

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Thanks SP, It always ‘warms-my-heart’ …to see you still ‘participating’.

I’m still on the 4.0 plans and received my SIM cards. I’ll initially switch my wife and I over probably this weekend. We’ll see how it goes. I certainly have no loyalty to anything Dish at this point.