New SIM card from DISH

Good Morning @c1tobor,

Are you using RW 5.0 or My Choice? Are your phone(s) housed in a separate account from your father’s?

All Republic members are being migrated to Boost Infinite. Those using 5.0 plans do not need a new SIM. Those using My Choice plans must activate a new Boost Infinite SIM mailed to them by Republic prior to August 31, 2023 or they risk losing service and possibly their phone number. Please note that your father’s pricing (depending upon what he’s currently paying) may only last six months. After six months everyone pays Boost Infinite’s standard $25 for unlimited talk & text with “unlimited” data. “Unlimited” data is really 30 GB of de-prioritized data. After 30 GB, data is hard throttled to 512 Kbps.

You may see he text of the email sent to members with 5.0 plans here:

Screenshots of the email sent to members with My Choice plans courtesy of @joannamv here:

For complete context, please see this post and the earlier post referenced:

@a_j makes a great point. Though we are able to provide the content of Republic’s emails regarding the transition to Boost Infinite, those emails contain an account specific code. If both yours and your dad’s phone(s) are housed in a single account, you may use the code in the email he received. If your phone(s) are housed in a separate account and you choose to migrate to Boost Infinite, you would want to reach out to support.