Received urgent reminder text but nothing in my email from Republic or Boost Infinite

Got it. Thanks for the info.


Roger that, Rolandh! So grateful for this community and YOUR info/insight/advice-- over the yrs.
I was just chiming-in with my experience, wonky as it was/is regarding the “transition”.
Ultimately, the whole situation is out of users’ hands, no matter how pro-active we believe we’ve been).
(If i was more tech savvy, maybe i should have jumped ship before now… Oh well…,)

Your experience is valuable and relevant. The hope is migration will go substantially as described by Republic in its various communications imperfect as they may be. :crossed_fingers: I do appreciate not everyone has received all of those communications, which is , of course, not ideal.

Gentleman, as always…

@southpaw, I was going to work on my transition from the 5.0 plan to Boost Inifinite tomorrow, but I saw your post tonight, and I decided I needed to do my transition tonight. I want to make sure I do everything I can to keep my cellphone number that I’ve had since around 2011.

One plus of switching to Boost Infinite is that it seems like my bill will be going down a few dollars.

I didn’t get a new SIM, but apparantely I don’t need it; I still need to probably read this full thread to see if I need to do anything else.

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