Republic Wireless to US Mobile -- getting better!

I got my US Mobile Starter kit to change from RW to USMobile 1 GB (shareable) plan.

The instructions that came with the card forces you into unlimited plan, with no indications of other options.
I got on the chat and the bot gave me directions to add a line, but not to transfer the number.

Got a chat-person who told me to “activate” the line and create a “pool” for the shareable data (even though I have only 1 phone) – I went through the steps, input all of the numbers – IMEI, SIM, RW account, PIN, credit card. The “payment” sat spinning for a long while.

The chat-person said to try another browser and repeat, which I did. The original pool was not there, so I had to add one again, plus all of the data. Nothing happened, again.

Then I noticed that I got 2 different invoices from US Mobile.

There is no indication that any phone is added, transferred, or pending. But I have been billed twice !! They said one would be cancelled, which I wasn’t too worried about – the double billing should get fixed.

But there is no indication of the status of my phone # transfer or a phone being added.

The chat-person is looking into it.
I hope this works out!!


The chat-person had to re-input everything, and now the phone line seems to be pending – waiting on RW to port out. So that’s progress!
I should get an email when the porting is done.

The billing has been resolved.

This took me 2 hours 15 minutes online.

I hope the phone line works well and that it’s clear sailing from here!

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Sounds very tiresome. I think I would rather be on a two-hour call than a two-hour chat.

Here’s what I found on their site: “Forget waiting around for hours at the phone store. When you contact us, real people respond in seconds — whether its over chat, email, or the phone.”

If you were following my migration I noted that checkout appears to timeout though it didn’t do it every time for me. In one case I received the error. I was billed and the port request was sent to RW. With my wife’s phone it failed with nothing happening. When I retried the port request was sent and I was billed with no error. They have something going on in their systems that appears to be related to timing between transactions and the web server.

A bit of advice on the port. Both of my port were put on hold because US Mobile did not receive a response after about an hour and a half. On my first port I just let it take its course and the port completed around 5 AM the following morning. For the second port I called RW to get the status but they would tell me no more than it was in progress. When I looked at my wife’s phone I saw that it could not longer connect to RW so I replied to the US Mobile email telling them that it looked like RW had released the number. About 5 minutes later the port was complete.

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Yes, I’m doing that now…waiting for the porting.
I think it will work in the end. Just waiting for the process to work.

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Has your port completed? If not can you dial out on your phone?

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Nope. Just got an email this morning that RW said the account number was wrong.

I called them – they had given me their internal account number ( a 9-digit # starting with a letter), but the RW person today said the account number for porting is supposed to be my phone number!

So I called USMobile and updated, so we are waiting for the port to go through.

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If that’s true that RW gave me the wrong acct #, that would explain why nothing worked when I tried to transfer my number/add my phone.

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Yes for porting the account number is the phone number. I used the website when I needed to look up my account number. It is part of each phone’s data under My Lines.

Hopefully everything will go through this time.

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True for RW 5.0 not true for My Choice. For My Choice, the account number for porting out purposes is an 11-digit number that is not the phone number being ported.

Here’s an article I wrote a while back for finding the correct port out account number online:


What surprised me is that the RW reps don’t all know this ! The 1st one I called apparently did not, and the 2nd one I called did !

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Hi @NancyM,

How did the agent answer the phone when you called? When I called for my port out information yesterday, the agent answered “thank you for calling Boost Infinite”. When I questioned that, he advised me he was a Boost Infinite migration specialist helping out (probably with high call volume).

The larger point is, the information provided by Republic Wireless by DISH agents is of varying quality. I do not blame the agents themselves, it’s a matter of training.

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My thoughts exactly, which is why I’m not mad at the RW representative. I was polite, thanked them and wished them a nice day. I remember being in service jobs…!

I don’t recall hearing the rep answer as a “Boost” rep, but when I called RW on my phone, it now is labelled as “Boost Infinite”

In the end, I hope I have a good working phone service. I still have time before my next billing cycle to get this to work. I stayed with RW until now out of inertia and hoping that something might change with the RW situation. Well something did change, which gave me the “boost” to change carriers!!


That’s clever! Maybe “giving you the boost you need” should be our tagline around here! :laughing:

I was not aware of that. I went straight from 1.0 to 5.0.

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My phone finally ported through today. I put in the SIM card – only 1 bar of signal, even outside. I’m not in a rural area! I put the SIM card in my other phone, same result - 1 bar of 4G LTE (my Moto doesn’t have 5G).

I tested out sending/receiving texts, calls, MMS. It seemed to work, but then signal dropped to zero bars.

I was on with a chat-person. They had me change some settings and type in APN settings. No change. So they are escalating it and will email me back within 24 hours.

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Do you have their T-Mobile SIM or the Verizon SIM? The reason I ask is because I don’t generally get good coverage In my area with T-Mobile unless directly at my house.

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What is your zip code?

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Do you have their T-Mobile SIM or the Verizon SIM?

Verizon SIM – they really push you to the WARP option.

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Today, still at 1 bar this morning. Can’t make or receive phone calls, but texts and sending photos works. Incoming calls don’t ring, don’t go to VM.

Got an email that they are looking into it. They wrote “We have also reprovisioned the line to the network”. Not sure what that means.

I’ll see how it goes this week.

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