The Seemingly Endless "Seamless" Transition from Republic Wireless to Boost Infinite Is Over

It would appear that, as of today, the Republic Wireless brand has finally been retired two months after the original projected date of August 31, 2023.

My last functioning Republic Wireless line of service (a vestige of my participation as one of Republic’s Expert Customers) has gone dark. This line was on a My Choice plan and housed in a test account the old Republic made available to its Experts. I made no attempt to migrate it.

My primary line has been with Mobi since mid-August. I moved what was once my secondary line at Mobi to Tello replacing a throw-away number there.

The old Republic is indirectly responsible for my discovery of Mobi and Tello. My primary number had been at Republic since December of 2014. In late 2018 (if I remember correctly), Republic launched a small iPhone beta and I brought a secondary number attached to a household iPhone from T-Mobile Prepaid.

In late 2020, Republic ended its small iPhone beta, so I needed to find a new home for the aforementioned household iPhone. Mobi and Tello were mentioned in another forum I frequented established by RingPlus refugees. An article about migrating from RingPlus to Republic Wireless was the first “Tip & Trick” I wrote for the old Republic Community circa 2017.

I evaluated both Mobi and Tello for the household iPhone deciding on Mobi for its Verizon network coverage and outstanding customer service. Because; Tello’s customer support was also excellent, I ended up using it as backup Internet service in a hotspot device locked to T-Mobile’s network.

In addition to Mobi and Tello, I continue to experiment with MobileX and more recently thanks to an invite kindly provided by @davenc Helium Mobile.

I like to think the old Republic (and the old Ting Mobile) inspired other providers to think differently. Mobi, Tello, US Mobile and MobileX all offer plan pricing combined with quality support reminiscent of the old Republic.

Further, it is no longer possible to sign into the old Republic Wireless account portal. It was a great run while it lasted. I don’t know if anyone will ever offer the level of customer engagement once offered by Republic.

If Boost Infinite is working for you, great! If not, why not consider one of the worthy competitors in the market?


Thanks for all of your help over the years rolandh. It is kind of sad that the old R.W. is gone, but like you said there are some really good alternatives now.

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Not so much seamless as riddled with tectonic fault lines.

They appear to have gotten there in the end, however. I just won’t be able to test Canada roaming.

Apparently, there are stragglers:

At this point, I believe any stragglers are no longer dealing with migration. Their old Republic service was likely canceled. They would need to activate as new subscribers and see if Boost Infinite is willing (or able) to fish their number out of the pool.