Review of Mobi

I first started using Mobi in late 2020 after RW ended its pre-acquisition by DISH iPhone beta with the decision not to offer service on iPhone at the time. I have both Androids and iPhones in my household. As I understand it, Mobi is a Hawaii based regional mobile network operator (MNO) (think a smaller version of US Cellular) as opposed to a mobile network virtual operator (MVNO) like RW. Mobi offers nationwide coverage on Verizon’s network.


Mobi has one plan, which they creatively call the Mobi plan. :wink: Unlimited talk & text plus 1 GB of cell data is $9.99 plus taxes and telecom fees. Additional cell data may be added in 1 GB increments at $3.99 per GB.

Customer Experience

The story I really want to tell about Mobi is regarding what I consider to be their outstanding customer support. Recently Mobi contacted me advising that I was using a soon to be incompatible phone with their SIM. Verizon is the last of the national carriers to retire its 3G network as of December 31, 2022. According to Mobi’s information, which presumably comes from Verizon, the phone in question (Samsung’s Galaxy A32 5G) will no longer be compatible with their network with the start of the new year because it’s not VoLTE or 5G capable. Verizon is obviously wrong about that but the Galaxy A32 5G is a “DISH” phone albeit now carrier unlocked acquired from RW by DISH. I suspect, its IMEI is not in Verizon’s whitelist database (all 3 national carriers play this game to varying degrees).

Mobi offered me either a free flip phone or $100 toward purchase of a compatible smartphone from their online store. Further, in the event I did not respond prior to December 31st, Mobi would have moved service to the free flip then arranged to ship that phone to me. The intent was to keep my number from being lost as happened to customers of other service providers (notably Ting Mobile when T-Mobile shut down Sprint’s network).

Given the cost of Mobi’s service noted above, I think their offer was more than generous. Since I didn’t need the flip or another smartphone, I inquired about moving service to a Google Pixel 6a, which I hoped to activate on eSIM. eSIM, particularly on Android, is in beta testing with Mobi. In fact, Mobi itself claims to be in beta testing (according to their website). That said, the service and as you are about to read the support has been rock solid in the two years I’ve been Mobi’s customer. There was a small hiccup getting eSIM activated on the Pixel 6a.

Though I decided to call in, Mobi support is available via email or text message as well. Here’s what I received via email from Mobi literally moments after hanging up the phone summarizing my interaction with Mobi support:

Hi Roland,

It was a pleasure speaking with you!

Today you called in to inquire about the 3G/ early-gen 4G devices no longer being supported in the new year.

Reviewing your account, your IMEI number, [redacted], shows that your device is not compatible with our network. To avoid losing your phone number, we recommended you update your device. I did offer you our current device upgrade options, but you had a device you wanted to use instead. The IMEI for this device was [redacted], and you also wanted to activate it on eSIM. We checked this device, and it is compatible with our network and also eSIM capable.

We first worked on changing your plan to a 5G plan. Then we worked on the eSIM activation. However, when trying to activate the eSIM, it would not go through. Furthermore, I advised you to insert your physical SIM into the new device, and then we would be able to complete the activation. In our callback, you confirmed your services were working on the new phone.

Unfortunately, on our end the IMEI did not update to reflect your new device, and we could not complete the activation. To resolve this, I have reached out to our Internal Networks Engineer Team who will manually update it. We will receive a response from them within the next 24 hours. Once we receive their response, we will reach out to you to complete your eSIM activation.

Until then, if you run into any service issues with your new device, please give us a call at 808-723-1111. Mahalo, and take care!

In less than the promised 24 hours, I received the following eMail follow-up:

Hi Roland,

Great news, we were able to get you activated on eSIM today.

You have been sent a separate email with a QRC code to complete the activation.

If you run into any issues or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reply to this email.

Warmest regards,

True to their word, I received the referenced QR code via separate email. From there, activation on the Pixel 6a was flawless.

Like many these days, Mobi likes to refer to its support as customer care. With too many companies, in my experience, the words customer care are used very loosely. In Mobi’s case their support is actually worthy of being called care. This isn’t my first experience with Mobi customer care and in every case Mobi’s representatives have been exemplary.

Self Service

If Mobi has a flaw it’s their self-serve online tools. Though Mobi’s mobile app may be used to purchase and activate a SIM, it’s currently useless after that. There is an online portal but it still reflects Mobi’s old branding and is, well, clunky. Improvements to both the mobile app and online portal are said to be coming but in the interest of full disclosure, Mobi’s been saying that for two years. For me, the fact the current portal is reasonably functional if not pretty and the customer care is outstanding when needed more than offset this.


If RW’s My Choice plan was a good fit for you and Verizon’s network meets your coverage needs, Mobi is an excellent choice. If one is in the market for “unlimited” there are other options one might want to look at.

As an aside, this Community exists due to DISH’s recent most unfortunate decision to terminate Republic’s Community forums without notice. Both Community and the associated Expert program coupled with generally outstanding agent assistance were part of what separated RW from the pack of MVNOs out there.

I don’t say this lightly, however, if one is looking for a similar level of customer care once provided by RW, one would be very happy doing business with Mobi.

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I forgot to mention that visual voicemail in Google’s native Phone app is working with the Mobi eSIM. It was not working with the old Mobi physical SIM.

Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband on Mobi:

It’s comparable to what I see for Verizon 5G on MobileX.

The Jitter rates appear quite high, and I would think this might affect any WiFi calling?

Jitter in Internet Protocol (IP) networks is the variation in the latency on a packet flow between two systems when > some packets take longer to travel from one system to the other. Jitter results from network congestion, timing > drift and route changes.

The posted speed test is when connected to the cellular network, so no affect on WiFi calling.

We’ve been using Mobi in the household for two-years (albeit minus 5G). There have been no complaints regarding WiFi calling.

Roland, your review got me to go to the Mobi website where they are still claiming to be in beta. You stated that you’ve been using them since 2020, so is this an endless beta? Any new updates to add to your review?


Mobi is first and foremost Hawaii’s regional carrier. It’s priority is serving it’s local market in Hawaii, which it largely does through a network of stores in the islands.

Mobi has aspirations to play a larger role on the mainland, however, Mobi is also all about the customer experience. Mobi does customer experience very well.

Mobi is admittedly in no hurry to update its website (a secondary sales channel for Mobi) and keeps the beta language as a brake on what it would see as unrestrained growth. To Mobi serving its existing customers well and it’s local market in Hawaii is more important than growing fast.

All of that said, it is my experience, there is nothing beta about Mobi’s service and support. There are slightly less expensive alternatives in the market for pay by the GB plans but I’ve found no one with better customer support.

To date, I’ve used Mobi as secondary service with Republic as primary service. With the Republic brand being retired, I intend to make Mobi my primary service provider.

That’s all I needed to hear. That, and they sell the same exact Moto G Power in their store that I purchased from RW 14 months ago, so I can assume that my phone is compatible. :slight_smile:

Give Mobi a call. They’ll happily verify your phone’s IMEI as being compatible (or not).

I did. And they were great and my phone is, of course, compatible.

Here is a question for you, which you may or may not know the answer to. As a longtime RW customer I have become extremely dependent on voice, SMS and MMS over wifi. How has your Mobi experience been in that regard?

The $10/month Mobi standard plan would do all I need. I have been paying RW $20 for the same thing for years now! I like the idea if you get into trouble (like too many MMS messages) you can add 1gb at $4 via the app. If the Boost Infinite experience goes sour, it will be between Mobi and Cspire for me.

Carrier WiFi calling is a function of the phone and the network on which the phone is activated. Currently, I’m using a Google Pixel 6a with Mobi. WiFi calling is flawless.

Generally, SMS works over WiFi and, generally, MMS does not. This is not Mobi specific. It’s the nature of things with traditional cellular providers. It was Republic’s unique blended WiFi-first technology that allowed for MMS over WiFi.

In another topic, you mention your phone is a 2022 Moto G Power. I happen to have that same phone lying around. Credit where credit is due, we must thank DISH for that as the phone was gifted to me as part of beta testing RW 5.0.

My Mobi service is currently using eSIM on a Pixel 6a, so I’m unable to just swap the SIM over to the 2022 Moto G Power. I did, however, engage in extensive testing with various phones with a physical Mobi SIM before moving Mobi service to eSIM on the Pixel 6a when Republic’s old Community was still active.

That testing with a Mobi physical SIM in the 2022 Moto G Power indicates WiFi calling and SMS over WiFi work. MMS over WiFi does not.

Keep in mind, Mobi’s $9.99 base plan includes 1 GB of cell data. One would need to exchange literally thousands of MMS messages to exhaust 1 GB of cell data. The phone will use available cell data for MMS while otherwise using WiFi when connected to a WiFi network.

Thanks Roland.

I got impatient this morning and actually called Mobi. Gave them my IMEI again and let them pull up the phone and asked Jennifer, my helpful Mobi CS agent, the question directly. Her answer was that my phone was compatible with their network but that WiFi calling would NOT work. Yikes.

Where I live (which is where my phone spends 99% of its time) there is ZERO cell signal of any kind from any carrier. So WiFi performance is critical. S’why I loved RW so much. So this morning’s answer is, unfortunately, a showstopper for me. Bummer.

Guess I am off to ask the same question of US Mobile and MobileX and see what they say.

Worst case, I take BI up on their offer and pay a few dollars more than I currently pay (after the initial 6 months), but get to keep the service where everything just works flawlessly.

Thanks again!

I’m interested to hear what MobileX and/or US Mobile have to say. The above three screenshots were taken on a carrier unlocked 2022 Moto G Power acquired from Republic Wireless by DISH’s online store with a MobileX SIM resident. The screenshots are not fibbing :wink:, WiFi calling does indeed work (tested in Airplane mode with WiFi manually reenabled).

As this is relying on Verizon’s carrier WiFi calling, I would expect the experience to be the same on Mobi and US Mobile’s “Warp 5G” (Verizon network) SIM.

I have immense respect for Mobi support, however, nothing is perfect. I’m expecting a Mobi physical SIM today or tomorrow and will test when able.

Interesting. You wouldn’t think they would get something that significant that wrong, but everyone makes mistakes. I expected to hear that voice and SMS would be fine but that MMS would be a problem. MMS seems to be the most persnickety.

Thank you for taking the time to do this “personal” test for me! :slight_smile: I look forward to your results regarding the performance of all three things.


Hi @mikenoname,

I received the physical Mobi SIM I’ve been waiting for today. I’ve initiated the port of my last remaining Republic Wireless number to Mobi. When it completes, I’ll test WiFi calling using the Mobi SIM in my 2022 Moto G Power.


Popcorn at the ready!

My number port from Republic to Mobi initiated yesterday around 4:00 PM eastern time completed around 8:00 PM eastern time. Though often number ports between wireless carriers complete in minutes, this is actually within voluntary industry guidelines among wireless carriers of 2-4 hours.

Here are some testing results with a Mobi physical SIM:

Phone Cell
Apple iPhone Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Google Pixel 6a Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
2021 Moto G Pure5 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
2022 Moto G Power6 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No

1CCF = Conditional Call Forwarding
2VVM = Visual Voicemail
3Wi-Fi calls refers to calls where there is no cellular signal. If the phone is on Wi-Fi while cell service is also available, you will have normal cellular calling. To test Wi-Fi only, put the phone into airplane mode, then re-enable WiFi.
4Wi-Fi MMS refers to picture and group messages where there is no cellular signal. If the phone is on Wi-Fi while cell service is also available, you will have normal cellular texting. To test Wi-Fi only, put the phone into airplane mode, then re-enable WiFi.
5Factory unlocked
6Carrier unlocked acquired from Republic’s online store after December 1, 2021

I’d like to offer some context for this testing. This is real world user (pun intended) testing. It is not documentation of what “should” be or what any particular carrier or provider officially supports.

Republic Wireless before DISH worked directly with multiple phone manufacturers to vet specific handsets for use with Republic’s proprietary WiFi-first service.

This is not how it works with MVNOs offering traditional cellular service. They rely on information provided to them by their upstream carrier partners. Therefore, what Mobi (or another provider’s) support says may differ from these results.

Further, it should be noted that what works today may not necessarily work in the future. Phone manufacturers can and occasionally do break things when updating the firmware on their devices. Usually but not always, a manufacturer fixes that which it breaks.


I guess the review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Mobi sent some swag along with its SIM:

Thanks so much for this Roland.

As I indicated above, this is more what I expected than the answer I got on Thursday from Mobi. Interesting that the Pure works across the board but the Power does not.

BTW, in your note #6 you meant December 1, 2022, not 2023, right?