Update on the Transition from Republic Wireless to Boost Infinite

There are few phones capable of utilizing Dish’s 5G band 70 coverage.

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No doubt it is.

It won’t be DISH’s fabled rainbow SIM. As mentioned by @cbwahlstrom very few currently available phones support DISH’s standalone 5G network. Further, DISH does not ship standalone rainbow SIMs. Rainbow SIMs are only shipped with certain phones purchased simultaneously from DISH and then only in certain markets.

Decided to go ahead with the migration procedure even though we have some question about the phone unlock process with RW by DISH from this past Sunday. But, as stated in previous post, our ultimate plan is to buy two new unlocked phones and just port numbers out or activate them on Boost Infinite if the plan works for us. Right now the goal is simply to complete the migration with the existing Samsung phones :slight_smile:

Completed the requested information on the web page and got an August 25 for start of transition.

Found it interesting that there was no billing address or Email verification. Must assume (yes I know what assuming does) that all that information migrated from the RW by DISH system. Sure this is just a migration step and there will be additional information required to setup the account (or verify) once the account is activated and we access it using the Boost Infinite app.

Just a guess on my part since what I know about account migration would fit in a thimble :crazy_face:

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I went through the Boost Infinite account activation steps this morning. I received an onscreen message at the end of the process that said:

Thank you for activating your Boost Infinite service. The activation process may take up to an hour to complete. Please insert the new physical SIM card into your phone once service is no longer available on your current SIM. Note that each SIM’s ICCID number is tied to a phone number in step 1 below. Once that is complete please follow instructions in step 2 below to update your phone’s APN settings.

It’s been over four hours since I activated the service. I tried swapping out my Republic SIM card for the Boost sim card, but the Boost SIM did not work. I guess that means that account activation can take longer than an hour? It’s unnerving to read that I have to wait until my Republic service no longer works and that I have no idea when that will suddenly happen.

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SplitPeaSoup, I guess you are on one of the old RW Mychoice plans using T-Mobile?
If so that is where I am at, my SIM cards should be in Thursday, and this sounds kind of concerning.
Please keep us updated!

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I got the email yesterday

I received my email late last night. I am in the progress of porting my first phone off of RW. I am shooting to have both phones migrated before my upcoming bill next week. As a result I plan to do nothing to migrate to Boost Infinite.

Yes, I’m on an old My Choice plan, but I didn’t realize that was affiliated with T-Mobile! I’m going to call Boost Infinite support as a next step.

I just phoned support and they said it could take 24 hours for the Boost Infinite service to be activated. Until then, my Republic Wireless SIM card will continue to work. They said I would receive an email when the RW service is cancelled. At that point, I should insert the new BI SIM card, then install the Carrier App, then restart the phone, and then the transition should be complete.

So the key thing here for folks to know is that when you complete the activation steps, the onscreen message tells you that the activation could take one hour, but in reality it could take 24 hours or so. And your RW service will continue to work until the activation happens.

The RW support person I just talked to was very helpful.


When you say Carrier App, are you talking about the Boost Infinite Android app (updated August 7, 2023)?

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Yes, that’s correct! It’s called “Carrier App” in the Google Play Store!

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Hey @splitpeasoup,

Aren’t there two different apps?

This is the Boost Infinite app mentioned by @muerte33:

And; this, if I’m not mistaken is DISH’s CarrierApp:

I’m not a Boost Infinite expert (and am not planning on becoming one :smile:), however, I believe both apps are needed. The Boost Infinite app for account management and CarrierApp to configure appropriate APN (access point names) settings.

Please correct me if I’ve got it wrong.

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At least you can uninstall the “CarrierApp” once all is working?

I see they finally mention there is no user interface. CarrierApp is not specific to Boost infinite and is suggested to configure APNs for RW 5.0 plans as well. Too many thought nothing happened after installing the app due to its lack of user interface.

Depending upon one’s phone, APNs might be properly configured without CarrierApp (this is the experience on RW 5.0). You might test first to see if everything (talk, text and data) are working before installing CarrierApp. You might find it’s not actually needed.

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Ahhh, yes, I believe you are right, rolandh. Thank you for clarifying this!!

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@splitpeasoup Same as you, I activated yesterday and after several hours called customer service. I got the same 24 hours answer. It has now been about 26 hours and it is still not activated. Just figured I would chime in so that others will be aware of how long the process is taking.


Thanks for sharing this, @PattiT!
Yes, it has been 31 hours for me now (since I submitted my billing info), and the service is still not activated…


My SIM cards arrived today. It’ll just be my wife and I as I long ago dumped my brother-in-law’s phone since he never used it, and moved my oldest to Tello (no kid needs tons of cell service).

I’ll probably switch us over tonight, as my wife just went back to her school job two days ago. And I’ll just see what we think of Boost Infinite. If we like it, we may stay. If not, there’s lots of other choices out there.

Guess Republic was fun while it lasted.


Yeah, I ordered my dad’s first smart phone from the old Republic. That was back in 2014. People in the Republic community were excited about the new Motorola flagship phone that was shipping in December (I believe). I already had a cheap, prepaid plan with a smart phone, so I did not switch right away. But, I was able to fiddle with my dad’s phone. If I remember correctly, for a time, RW was at or near the top of the ratings at Consumer Reports magazine.

I should mention here, to set appropriate expectations, that migration across carriers (as in ATT, TMO, VZ) has a couple of caveats.

If you are migrating and getting a new phone, leave the old phone on until it says no service. Once you are notified of your new phone being active, people on the same underlying carrier can reach you immediately. Persons on other underlying carriers may ring to your old phone for some hours, or get an error, depending on whether the migration has actually happened. If the old carrier has surrendered the number but the central database has not updated yet, callers will be directed to your old carrier which will play an error message as they don’t control the number anymore. Once the database is updated this will stop.

If you are using the same phone and activate, again people on the same carrier will get to you immediately. If the old carrier has not surrendered the number yet, people on other carriers will be directed to your old carrier and thus voice mail. Beyond that, the above applies when the old carrier actually surrenders control of the number.

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