Mobi Beta Opportunity

Mobi is accepting signups for testing their new service. There’s a link to a form in this Reddit post: Interested in testing a data eSIM for Mobi?


I’ve split @davenc’s post regarding Mobi’s call for beta testers to its own topic for greater visibility.

Some details:

  • To participate one must have access to an eSIM capable phone.
  • The eSIM is data only, so this test cannot be used to replace one’s current phone service.
  • Since eSIM capable phones are by definition also dual SIM phones, it is not necessary to disturb one’s current phone service to participate.

Thank you to @davenc for bringing this to Community’s attention!


The mobi beta is now live. I received an email with an eSim QR code to activate service. There were some additional steps to take to set the apns but activation went smoothly with the provided instructions.


It looks like the timing of kickoff for Mobi’s beta of its new core infrastructure is this just concluded Amazon AWS event:

Mobi’s new core from wgtwo (now part of Cisco) runs on AWS.

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Hi @davenc,

These are my early test results.

  1. Cell data works.
  2. I am able to make and receive cellular calls. There is no WiFi calling.
  3. I am able to send and receive SMS over cellular.
  4. I am able to send but not receive MMS over cellular.
  5. Call forwarding does not work.
  6. Visual voicemail does not work. In fact, voicemail doesn’t seem to be set up at all.

That certain things do not yet work does not concern me. My understanding is the initial focus of the beta is on cell data.

Curious as to how your results match (or don’t) mine since I believe we’re both using Pixel 6as.

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Hi @rolandh

My initial testing matches what you’re getting. I’m not getting 5g but I’m not sure if that’s expected at this stage or not. Data speeds on LTE are on par with other T-Mobile MVNOs.

OK, I could not resist, I signed up for the Mobi Beta. Should I be able to use the Boost Infinite Physical SIM and the Mobi ESIM on my Pixel 6a? I assume we will get a “throw-away” number?

Yes, you can use both. Set the boost line as default for calls and texts. Only one sim can be set as default for data so toggle between the 2 as needed. You will receive calls and texts to both numbers even if one of them is set as default.

Edit-The “throw away” number I got is a Nevada area code which can be used normally just keep in mind you won’t be able to keep it.

Thanks Davenc,
I may not get invited to the beta, but at least my name is “in the hat”.
It would be good to test drive something if I have to bail on B.I.
I have my eye on Mobi and C-Spire (there is a physical office in town) if something goes awry with B.I. This thread concerns me, hopefully it was just a hiccup and not malicious:

Some progress to report regarding Mobi’s beta mostly surrounding iMessage activation but some other interesting stuff as well:

Mobi’s beta is for its new mobile core. It does not impact Mobi’s Verizon network service.